TRANSART & Cultural Services, Inc. presents The Bluocracy Project with Craig Harris and Harlem Nightsongs

Saturday, September 16, 2023 @ 7:30 pm / VBI Theatre – 12 Vassar Street / Tickets: $20 / Information: TRANSART The Bluocracy Project

The Bluocracy is a masterwork, composed by Craig Harris exploring the great democratic process that is essential to the music called “jazz” and examines how it parallels the fiber of American relationships, especially those considering gender, race, class, and politics. People are often in a bubble all alone with information that feeds their ideas, without being exposed to contradictory information. 

The featured ensemble is Craig Harris and Harlem Nightsongs, a 9-member group of musicians. Harris assembled this ensemble to explore extended compositions for a large group while maintaining the spontaneity and flexibility of a small group. The band’s complex arrangements supply broad choices for the improvisers within the band thus conveying a small group feel with a large group sound. TRANSART The Bluocracy Project