“Outgrow Comfort” Panel Discussion

Tickets: $35

This panel discussion is about outgrowing your comfort and living in fulfillment. You will learn the tools that encourages you to grow personally, take risks  in intimate relationships, career, family, health and corporate wellness, fitness and in your community. You will create a more satisfying life. It is with pleasure for Dr. Tameika Lawrence Ph.D. to have Stephanie Chery, Hayes Kanyike,  Ebony Kinard RN, BSN, Wanda Jeanty MD, MS, HC,  Holly Finley, Tiffany Wall, Anika Johnson ABD, join her in this conference.

This panel discussion is ideal for couples, high school , college students, working professionals, corporate executive, community advocates, and parents. 
$35 Admission includes panel discussion, networking, lite lunch and appreciation gift bag. 

Tickets: Eventbrite- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/outgrow-comfort-panel-discussion-tickets-38086207873