Carrie Decker, Bernadette Decker and Joanne Thorne Arnold – Group Art Exhibition in the Hancock Gallery @ 12 Vassar Street

Art Opening Reception: Friday, May 3, 2024 / 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm @ 12 Vassar Street

Artwork by Carrie Decker


Photo by Bernadette Decker


Artwork by Joanne Thorne Arnold


The b. with the sea group exhibition is a wonderful artistically inspired perspective on water crafted by Carrie Decker, Bernadette Decker and Joanne Thorne Arnold.  Carrie Decker is a SUNY New Paltz graduate who received her BA in Art History.  Born in Poughkeepsie, NY and raised in the Hudson Valley, she is the founder of Crazy Over ART on tour – a non-profit art mobile that brings art to communities with limited access in the creative field. “The Hudson Valley has given me many opportunities to work with a variety of newly found artists and network with seasoned artists,” she remarks. “I continue to explore new avenues of mediums that surprise me!” Bernadette Decker, co-founder of Crazy Over Art on tour, has enjoyed a prolific creative journey that encompasses being a cuisine entrepreneur, painter, stained glass artist, soap maker, and photographer. “I became very fond of photography with my treks to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas,” she says. “I focus on nature and its wonderful sunrises, and all the beaches have to offer.” Joanne Thorne Arnold is an oil painter who emphasizes the reflection of the natural world through color and line. “Color is the lens from which I work…every composition has a sense of place,” relays Ms. Arnold. “With an essence of atmosphere, the weightless colors create harmony and balance; standing on the shores of an ocean or a river, it is easy to get lost in the thoughts of the past with hopes toward the future.”