Marist College: Mixed Media

MixedMediaSnapshot“A collective of soon-to-be graduated art students from Marist College are pleased to announce the opening of their first independent exhibition, titled Mixed Media. This exhibition comes after a long year of academic projects for the group, called Lot 5 Creative, which included three off-campus pop up shows in the city of Poughkeepsie and two on-campus showcases at Marist College’s Steel Plant Art Gallery. Mixed Media, will highlight the efforts of these students as they endeavor into the real world of post-graduate work as artists, designers, and curators.

“The title of the exhibition applies to every aspect of it,” commented co-curator Alexa Comuniello. “For those of us who have spent years studying critical art history, the opportunity to create a show of our own is in a way our own medium…the show itself is a piece of work.”

Co-curator Nicolette Nesi added, “Mixed Media describes the range of skills that encompass Lot 5 Creative as a group of young artists and designers. From painting to sculpture to photography to graphic art…It’s everything all at once with an inspiring synergy.”

Featured Artists: Nicole Amoral, Brian Binns, Brianna Carbone, Dillon Crowley, Lou Eberhard, Rebecca Kraus, Katelyn LaRock, William Marcrie, Ed Majkowski, Grace MacLean, Julia Meinster, Jenna Obrizok, Michelle Romano, Alexis Seijas, Alba Suarez, Katrina Wiesner.”

Opening reception on Wednesday, 5/11 from 7-9 pm.

Location: 12 Vassar St., Poughkeepsie, NY