Kamille Adell – Solo Art Exhibition in the Victorian Gallery – 9 Vassar Street

Art Opening Reception: Friday, July 12, 2024 / 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm @ 9 Vassar Street

Kamille Adell

Kamille Adell was born and raised in New York’s Hudson Valley and as a young child became passionate about the creative and performing arts.  In 2022 at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, she tapped into her artistic talent creating abstract expressionistic works of art to heal from grief and personal significant loss. Through her stylistic use of fluid acrylic paint and filling a series of cups to form a sequence of patterns then pouring the paint onto the canvas, Ms. Adell conceptualizes and shares her stories of grief, love, triumph, and rebirth.  “My goal is to express myself freely without judgement or remorse,” she remarks. “I believe that we live in a society where there are rules and regulations to everything that we do and by creating abstract fluid art, the only rule is to flow and let go, connect and be your authentic self.” Ms. Adell’s paintings strive to enhance a safe, loving, serene and mystical essence to the spaces of her collectors. Her collections evoke strong emotions from the viewer to bring them on a journey that they never knew existed within themselves.