Our 2 galleries feature works from local and regional artists. Each exhibit normally runs for 6 weeks. Most exhibits are sale/showings, with Cunneen-Hackett receiving 25% of the proceeds. The “Hallway Gallery” at #9 Vassar street is open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday and the “Reception Room Gallery” at #12 Vassar street is open week-ends. Both are open by appointment.

Interested artists should call Cunneen-Hackett
in regard to galleries.

Artwork wanted for exhibition at #9 Vassar Street gallery. Black & White any medium. $10 a piece entry fee. No larger than 30×40 inches. All artwork to be hung Friday May 1st through June 12. Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center benefits from receipt of 25% of all proceeds from sales. Please call (845) 486-4571 for submission information.

Date: April 1st - May
Time: .

Laura Martinez-Bianco

Laura MartinezLaura Martinez-Bianco is a plein air painter who works throughout the Hudson Valley and abroad capturing the striking views of the area. Working plein air enables Laura to create her pastel paintings on site, quickly capturing the light and color of a specific moment. The variety of landscapes from mountains to rivers edge from fields and pastures to forests, villages and farmhouses provide unlimited inspirations.

“As a plein air painter I am drawn to landscape, light and color. I am always eager to explore the relationships between color and light. The way in which colors are altered by the type of light and amount of light, determined by the time of day and kind of day. I am intrigued by the relationships and the affects colors have on one another. The atmosphere plays a very important role in how colors appear. I believe that by painting on site you bring more to the painting than just what appears, but also how it feels. I hope that when people view my work they not only see the landscape that I saw but feel the air, atmosphere and space that I felt .”

For her website, click here.

Where: Moved from 12 Vassar St. to the hall gallery at 9 Vassar

Date: Now until May 31st, 2016
Time: .

Elisabeth Gillon

2016-04-13 16.07.012016-04-13 16.06.02Elisabeth Gillon, long time Poughkeepsie, NY resident, graduated Summa Cum Laud in 1995 with a Fine Arts Degree from Pratt Institute. “It must have been a library craft book by which I was inspired to try the craft of pressed flowers; most if not all, had plain white backgrounds. I was inspired to introduce color and texture to the pieces using fabric and one inch squares of magazine pages. I get my plant material from foraging trips around the neighborhood. I then press and desiccate the plants between sheets of cardboard. The magazines I get second hand which saves me money because I’m on a tight budget. Using these materials, I am able to create something beautiful and unique at little expense.” Elisabeth began working with pressed flowers in 2005. She has worked with textiles, music, visual arts, and poetry. She has exhibited at The Twisted Soul twice and Catskill Art and Office Supply once.
Opening reception is on Friday, May 6th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Place: 12 Vassar St., Poughkeepsie, NY