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Our 2 galleries feature works from local and regional artists. Each exhibit normally runs for 6 weeks. Most exhibits are sale/showings, with Cunneen-Hackett receiving 25% of the proceeds. The "Hallway Gallery" at #9 Vassar street is open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday and the "Reception Room Gallery" at #12 Vassar street is open week-ends. Both are open by appointment.

Interested artists should call Cunneen-Hackett in regard to galleries.

Last update: 2014-09-05

Summer Gallery Exhibits

Date(s) Event Gallery
Sep 05 - ?
Plant Portraits & Select Figure Studies by
Lori Adams

"A successful photograph has "eye-time". It communicates a strong idea visually. Eye-time is when the eye and brain to linger over simplicity combined with intricacy of lines, colors, shapes, moments and emotions, and your mind savors details while engaged in the overall concept."

Reception: Saturday, September 13, 1-5 pm

Place: CHAC, 12 Vassar St.,Poughkeepsie, NY

Link: http://www.loriadamsphoto.com/
9 Vassar
Sep 13 - ?
New Landscapes and Planets by
Jon Breiner

"The show feature landscapes I've been doing for about the last 6 or so years. They usually focus on the interaction with Humans and and human made objects and nature. I'm interested in what people leave behind and how nature takes it back so these are my take on that. I'm excited for the show!"

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 13, 5-8 pm

Place: CHAC, 12 Vassar St.,Poughkeepsie, NY

Link: http://www.johnbreiner.com/
12 Vassar

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